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Begin to lose all feeling
Never thought it’d hit the ceiling
Lost in time
I’ve never been truly mine
My mind is hazy
Didn’t think I’d be crazy
I don’t feel the joy
No one wants a broken toy
Even when I think I’m healing
I still find life unappealing
Anxiety meds and hospital beds
Even those can’t clear my head
Doctor’s visits
They still can’t fix it
The pills
Still don’t give me thrills
Bury the past in the snow
While crying tears that never show
True problems never die
But I do a great job of hiding them
-thing i had to turn in for a creative project

Idk maybe ill post teen angst or poetry im not feeling the art lately

Im gonna actaully start posting my art soon some of its is projects done for my specialty class and others are just what I felt like drawing

Patrick Stump + Soul Punk era

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